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JUAN BORRES, is currently one of the artists with most within the small group of artists who performed the interpretation of electronic and live music business, conducting a performance LED and laser on different scenarios rooms and in the whole Spain the world.


2014 was a special year for him, since he started his career as a producer and contributor to several national and international productions. That was his springboard to look to the world and open up a gap between the big international artists. Since the 2015 signing by an Asian producer and begins his new tour WORLD TOUR 2015 in which stepped halls and festivals worldwide.


This artist was born in Murcia, began his musical studies at the music school at the age Sewer 6 years, continuing his musical studies at the Professional Conservatories of Murcia and Almeria, with the specialty of saxophone and eventually earning the title of University professor. He completed several specialization courses saxophone with the best teachers and this led him to tour with various bands visit numerous scenarios, getting to play with Manolo Escobar and Miguel Rios, or the privilege of playing for Juan Carlos I.


Against the interest to continue learning decided to study Latin percussion. Which opened the door to other new tours, in these cases, as a saxophonist and percussionist in various orchestras and groups (recording disk in one of them)


In 2011 I played in the program BEYOND YOUR program presented by Jesus Vazquez in the chain four to over 400,000 people. And just this year, on his way MASS · EVENT, promoter of events in the area of ​​the Spanish Levant was crossed, which signed him and began to go and present their topics in all rooms behalf of Murcia, Alicante, Albacete and Almería among others ... coming to play with the best DJs of the moment on the national scene as it was the resident of the different parties image of Ibiza that were realized in the area.


In his new show • SAX EXPERIENCE • has toured throughout Spain, including tours in clubs of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and internationally sharing a cabin with DJs like Baby Jones (Resident Pacha World Tour) in France. Acting in recent years in the mythical "White Party" in VOGUE CLUB (Paris).


Among his musical roots include Flamenco, Funky, Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, House, Progressive, Minimal.


He has toured festivals of great importance such as the Sea of ​​Music (2012), sharing the stage with artists such as pugs BROWN. LOVE FESTIVAL SOUD and countless CONCENTRATIONS DJ`s. (ALBERT NEVE, THE ZOMBIE KIDS...)


Beverage brands such as Coca Cola, Brugal rum, rum Matusalem or Red Bullare and KIA MOTORS, BMW, MARY KAY, CARREFOUR and EL CORTE INGLES some of the companies with him for his national tourrelying on its energy on stage and her showunique worldwide.


Your show has a different feel thanks to its LED SAXO, with effects that create the public with their lasers.







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